Belinda's 5 favourite Sutton Hoo Chicken recipes for picnics

It’s National Picnic Week this week and I wanted to share with you my favourite Sutton Hoo Chicken recipes that are great to prepare for a picnic. Be it a lavish affair at a concert or event, a family celebration or a quick escape to the park on a sunny day with children, these recipes are always a winner with everyone.

Hope you have a lovely picnic,

Belinda x

1.       Chicken Filo Pastry Pie

My favourite recipe for picnics, these delicious Chicken Filo Pastry Pies are easy to make and travel well. The fragrant pies feature cinnamon, nutmeg and mace and will surprise and delight your friends and family.

2.       Classic Chicken Caesar Salad

My Classic Chicken Caesar Salad is delicious to take on a picnic and an easy winner. If you are short on time, use the Stokes Sauces Creamy Caesar Dressing.


3.       Quick and Easy Coronation Chicken

I love coronation chicken all year round, but it is of course the quintessentially British dish for street parties and celebratory picnics! To make it more portable for your picnic, try serving this Quick and Easy Coronation Chicken with baby leaves in a wrap.


4.       Three Rice and Chicken Salad

This beautiful light summer salad is delicious and sure to fill you up. Packed with herbs, this Three Rice and Chicken Salad is bursting with flavour and full of delicious, healthy protein and grains. Just add white wine and you won’t need anything else!


5.       The Sutton Sarnie!

This is a very easy one, but not to be overlooked as it is so delicious and a great way to make the most of your left-over roast chicken. See our recipe here with tips to create the ultimate roast chicken sandwiches.  

Don’t forget!

When you go on your picnic, make sure that you also pack:

  • Something to sit on – like a blanket or outdoor chairs

  • Cutlery, if needed

  • Napkins – I like fabric ones as they are better for the environment, don’t blow away in the wind and look and feel gorgeous!

  • Water, other drinks and maybe a bottle opener!