Sutton Sarnies

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to make the most out of our large slow-grown Sutton Hoo Chickens, but sometimes it is best to just keep it simple and stick to the classics. I therefore wanted to share with you my tips for making the ultimate roast chicken sandwiches!

Belinda x

Chicken Sandwich 3.jpg

I made this sandwich with local ingredients that I think are absolutely delicious. I partnered with the Cake Shop Bakery to use their Suffolk Trencher and the sandwich would not have been complete with out the Stokes Sauces Mayonnaise.


  • Left over roast chicken, especially delicious if it is still warm!
    Thickly cut bread – we used the Suffolk Trencher from the Cake Shop Bakery and it was also amazing with their focaccia.

  • Lashings of mayonnaise

  • Thinly sliced tomatoes

  • Sliced ripe avocado

  • Crispy cos lettuce


  1. To make the Sutton Sarnie, we cut the fresh bread thickly and covered it in mayonnaise.

  2. Next we created a bed of salad leaves, before adding the avocado and tomatoes

  3. The leftover roast chicken was sliced up and added on the top, next to the mayonnaise.

Chicken Sandwich Prep 2.jpg


The above is our favourite way to enjoy a Sutton Sarnie, but there are countless other options.

You might want to be really naughty and include a bit of left over gravy in your sandwich – it is so tasty when absorbed into the bread!

It is also delicious on focaccia bread adding basil for a summery, Italian twist.

Chicken Foccacia.jpg