Slow Grown Chicken




1. craft

We focus on high welfare; the birds live in small groups with shelter from the elements, in mobile houses that have no artificial lighting and are naturally ventilated.

The chickens roam freely over 40 acres of Suffolk meadows, where they are free to peck, graze and engage in their natural behaviours.



2. time

We believe that a slower grown, naturally maturing chicken develops a fuller and more succulent flavour.  

We use a slower growing breed of chicken, reared on average for 10 weeks. This is 25% longer than standard free range chickens and 70% longer than standard indoor chickens.



3. taste

We believe that food tastes so much better when it has been grown slowly; the traditional way. It is because these chickens have more exercise, are grown for longer and have a natural, varied diet that they taste so much better.


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What our customers
say about us

Remember the true taste of chicken? Dense, succulent meat, delicious juices and irresistibly crispy skin. Enjoy a Sutton Hoo free range chicken and rediscover chicken as it used to taste.

With a name like LeCoq we knew our restaurant had to have truly the best chicken around! The depth of flavour these beautiful Sutton Hoo birds have due to their slow growth and habitat has been paramount to our success.
— Le Coq Restaurant - London
Maple Farm
I had almost given up buying chicken until I found Sutton Hoo. They are delicious and actually taste
of something. I have stopped buying any other chicken as I am so often disappointed and don’t
trust the way they are reared. Having seen the chickens in the fields at Sutton Hoo, I am not surprised they taste so good.
— Maple Farm, Suffolk
Salter & King
I have been selling Sutton Hoo chickens for over ten years. My customers love them. They have great flavour and are farmed with excellent welfare standards. Each one we sell with confidence, which is very important to me and my customers. It is great to be able to sell a genuine free range chicken, with a good story behind it.
— Salter & King Butchers, Suffolk
Sutton Hoo chickens have been the star of our menu at Thomas’s Café since we opened in 2015. We use the chicken in our salad ‘Sutton Hoo Chicken salad’ which also consists of truffle and hazelnut pesto and artichokes. It has been acknowledged by many well renowned food critics in London for its succulent texture, flavour and crispy skin. It has been the highlight of our menu and the customers are full of praise and some claim it to be the best chicken salad they have ever tasted. Harpers Bazaar magazine had listed the Sutton Hoo Chicken salad as their number 10 among the best dishes in London too. Extremely happy with the product and would definitely recommend.”
— Karan Ghosh, Head Chef at Thomas’ Cafe, Burberry
Hampstead Butcher Logo
The Sutton Hoo, free range chickens are proving a great success ; customers specifically asking for the Sutton Hoo above the other great chickens we stock. These slow grown Suffolk whites are worth every penny and taste as chicken should. General comments are that they are full of flavour and have a wonderful juicy texture.
— The Hampstead Butcher, London