Chicken filo pastry pie


These delicious chicken filo pastry pies are perfect for using up left over roast chicken. Great for a light supper, picnics and packed lunches.


2 white onions, diced

2 tbsp rapeseed oil

1 heaped tsp of cinnamon

½ tsp of mace

½ tsp ground nutmeg

1 tbsp caster sugar

500 g of left over roast Sutton Hoo Chicken (this can be slightly under or over) shredded

75g toasted pine nuts

20 g chopped flat leaf parsley

Sea salt & black pepper

6 sheets of filo

Icing sugar to dust



  • Preheat the oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas mark 4.

  • Line a baking tray with non stick paper.

  • Saute the onions in the rapeseed oil over a medium heat, stirring regularly until golden brown. Then add the spices and caster sugar and mix well. Put the chicken into a large bowl with the pine nuts and chopped parsley then add the sauted onions and mix well. Season well with the sea salt and black pepper.

  • Cut each of the filo sheets in half to make 2 squares. Take the squares and overlap them to make a star shape. Divide the chicken mixture into 6 portions and place in the middle of your pastry star. Brush around the edge with a little rapeseed and bring the points of the pastry into the centre and brush with a little rapeseed as you go round to seal. Turn the pie over and brush again with a little more oil.

  • Continue with the remaining five and place on the baking sheet, then bake for 20 minutes.

  • As soon as you have removed them from the oven, dust with the icing sugar.



Ellie Collins