Sutton Hoo Chicken launches two new sausage recipes!


We’ve just launched two brand new sausage recipes both of which are gluten free, contain super high meat content and are made in natural casings. Sutton Hoo Chicken sausages are now available in two tasty flavours: a regular sausage with a classic Cumberland seasoning of mixed herbs and spice and Smoked paprika & Chilli, a spicy sausage with a gorgeous, distinctive flavour. ou can now purchase our chicken sausages directly from The Wild Meat Company here.  

We believe that food should always be of the highest quality without compromising on taste or flavour. That’s why our chickens are grown to maturity slowly and are free to roam, peck and graze on 40 acres of Suffolk meadows to develop a fuller and more succulent flavour.

We only produce the tastiest sausages made from prime fresh Sutton Hoo Chicken meat. Chicken sausages are a great alternative to regular pork sausages, are lower in fat, a great way to mix up weekday meals and delicious grilled on the barbecue.

Here are a number of fantastic meals using chicken sausages:

·       Spicy Sausage and pepper stir fry

·       Creamy mushroom and sausage pasta

·       Mini toad in the holes

·       Bangers and mash

·       Sausage plait with leek and mushrooms




Ellie Collins