Join us for Sutton Hoo Chicken Sausage Week

Sausage Week

To celebrate the launch of our two new sausage recipes, we're delighted to announce that Sutton Hoo Chicken will be hosting it’s very first Sutton Hoo Chicken Sausage Week.

The fantastic event will take place from 19th-25th March at The Anchor and The Table in Woodbridge and The Easton White Horse. We've created some tasty, free range chicken sausages which are both gluten free, contain super high meat content and are made in natural skins. Our great tasting sausages are now available in two delicious flavours: Original made using a Cumberland seasoning and a Smoked paprika & Chilli; a spicy sausage with a gorgeous, distinctive flavour.

You can purchase our new sausages directly through The Wild Meat Company  today or look out for our sausages in East of England Co-op supermarket in Woodbridge over the next forthcoming weeks.

Chicken sausages are a fantastic alternative to regular pork sausages, they’re lower in fat and a leaner source of protein. Our meat comes from a slower growing breed, matured for up to 12 weeks, naturally developing a better quality, fuller flavour and succulence. Our chickens are fed an additive free diet that contains no harmful antibiotics or hormones, so we can tell you exactly what's gone into your meat!

The whole team have really put in a lot of time and effort into making the best quality sausages for our customers, using a new recipe that we think you’ll truly love. We’re really looking forward to showing everyone just how tasty chicken sausages can be. Don’t just take our word for it, book your table at any of the three restaurants during Sutton Hoo Chicken Sausage Week and try them for yourself!

Sutton Hoo Chicken sausages are great for brunching and BBQ's and taste delicious in toad in the hole, bangers and mash, sausage casserole, pasta bakes and so much more!

Book your table today!

The Table: 01394 382428   The Anchor: 01394 382649  The Easton White Horse: 01728 746456

Ellie Collins