5 amazing reasons why chicken is so good for your health

The popular poultry meat is extremely versatile and can be used in many delicious lunch time and dinner time recipes. Find out more about the potential health and nutritional benefits of free range chicken and discover how you can nourish your bodies by eating more lean protein.

1.      Natural source of protein: Chicken is not only an excellent source of protein but is also packed with everyday essential vitamins and minerals that help to keep our bodies functioning throughout the day.  Natural protein packed foods like chicken are rich in amino acids which make up the building blocks of our bodies.

2.      Muscle growth & repair: Every human cell contains protein which as a result makes protein essential for growth and repair and the maintenance of good health. When children are younger they are growing rapidly, that’s why it’s so important to ensure you are incorporating protein into their meals.

3.      Source of energy: Protein is a natural source of energy which helps to keep your batteries charged throughout the day. Foods rich in protein helps to keep us feeling fuller for longer and less likely to snack on unhealthy starchy foods.

4.      Boosting immunity: A warm bowl of chicken soup is perfect for nursing a cold or flu. This recipe has been used a home remedy for many years and is perfect for relieving symptoms of the common cold, including a sore throat and a blocked nose.

5.      Healthy heart: Chicken is a lean meat packed with essential omega 3 fatty acids which carry potential cardiovascular benefits. Chicken helps to lower cholesterol which helps to prevent heart disease.

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Ellie Collins