5 delicious ways to cook with Sutton Hoo Chicken breasts

Chicken breasts are an extremely versatile cut of chicken and are perfect for healthy lunches, mid-week suppers or weekend diner parties with friends and family. We believe that a chicken truly tastes its best, when it has been grown slowly for up to 12 weeks. Our chickens are lovingly reared in the beautiful Suffolk countryside and are fed an additive free diet so we can confidently tell you what’s in your meat. Growing our chickens for longer allows the meat to develop a traditional, authentic flavour and a wonderfully juicy texture.

We would like to share with you 5 delicious ways to cook with our Sutton Hoo Chicken breasts.

1.      Delicious and easy to make, a chicken curry is a strong family favourite and perfect for your Friday curry night. Perfectly moist and juicy chicken cooked in a sauce of your choosing, serve with steamed rice, natural yogurt, or mango chutney.

2.      Get stuck into a Mexican feast full of flavours! Sizzle diced chicken, peppers and onions in a hot pan and serve with salsa, tortilla wraps or rice & beans for true Mexican style.

3.     For a light, healthy and simple evening meal, try adding chicken to your stir fry. A delicious meal for all the family and packed with fresh veggies, noodles and authentic tasting chicken.

4.      Whether they are warm or cold, chicken breasts are great in a crisp and cool leafy salad and perfect for adding protein to your diet. Chicken is great for keeping us feeling fuller for longer and great for muscle growth and repair.

5.      A creamy tomato and chicken pasta bake is a quick and easy meal for you and the kids. Host an Italian themed night with friends and family and serve with freshly baked garlic bread and a green leafy salad. You can even store the pasta in the fridge overnight and take it to work with you the next morning.


Ellie Collins