How can you use chicken stock and why is it so good for you?

Traditional chicken stock 01.jpg

Enjoy a Sutton Hoo roast chicken and don’t throw the leftover carcass and bones in the bin put them in a large pot and make chicken stock.

There’s a reason chicken soup is the perfect cure for when you’re feeling under the weather – nutrient-rich chicken stock (also known as bone broth) is packed with vitamins and minerals that give you a boost, aid your digestion and help heal all manner of ills. Simple and soothing, chicken broth is a great homemade remedy and the secret to the perfect soups, stews and casseroles – stock simply doesn’t taste the same (or offer the same health benefits) when it’s supermarket-bought. It’s also incredibly easy to make and can be put in the freezer.

For the ultimate chicken stock:

1. After you have roasted a delicious Sutton Hoo chicken, put the cooked bones and carcass in a large pot with the following:

·      2 sticks of celery

·      1 tablespoon of black peppercorns

·      2 bay leaves

·      1 large onion, peeled and halved

·      1 large carrot

·      Optional: A generous spoonful of apple cider vinegar

2. Cover the ingredients with cold water. Cover with a lid and then bring to the boil.

3. Once boiled, reduce heat and gently simmer for at least 2 hours.

4. Strain the liquid, pour into a container and store in the fridge/freezer.

For an eastern twist: 

The basic stock recipe above can be adapted for different dishes. For example, adding lemongrass, chilli or lime zest gives the stock an eastern twist that would work well as the base for a delicious Thai curry.