Slow Cooker Carolina BBQ Chicken

This Slow Cooker Carolina BBQ Chicken by Seasoned Cookery School is ideal for those who are short on time, as you can add everything into your slow cooker and come home to the fragrance and flavour of traditional BBQ with a healthy twist.

Serves 4 people


·        2 tbsp Brown Sugar

·        1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

·        1 1/2 tsp Kosher Salt

·        1 1/2 tsp American Hot Sauce Frank’s is best, but Tabasco can work

·        1/8 tsp Black Pepper

·        700 grams boneless free range Sutton Hoo Chicken


1.     Mix together the vinegar, brown sugar, black pepper salt, and hot sauce in your 3 – 4.5L slow cooker, and then add the chicken.

2.     In a 3 – 4.5L slow cooker, cook on low for 6-8 hours (or on high for 4-5 hours). If you only have a large 5 to 7L slow cooker or crockpot, ensure that you cook on low for approx. 6 hours. (See note below).

3.     Right before serving, shred the chicken with two forks and incorporate with sauce until all is covered.

4.     Serve on fresh white rolls with a healthy amount of coleslaw (see below), and add a shake or two of hot sauce on top. Bon Appetit!

Get ready to serve with these accompaniments:

1.     Ideally, you want to use a nice soft cob for your sandwiches (a Portuguese roll works well).

2.     Layer the pulled chicken with some coleslaw. You don’t have to go for a mayo-heavy recipe – consider using a Greek yoghurt coleslaw recipe

3.     While Carolina BBQ should be all about vinegar, we’ll forgive you if you choose to dollop some homemade BBQ sauce on top of your chicken.

4.     Additional hot sauce and/or vinegar for the table.

Recipe Notes from Seasoned Cookery School

·        Cooking time in a large pot – If you are using a 5 to 7 L crock pot or slow cooker, do not cook on high heat as the chicken becomes dry and stringy. You want your shredded chicken to be moist and delicious.

·        Slow cooker heats always vary:The heat and speed of your own slow cooker might vary from one model to the next. Some cook hotter and faster, and so you if you have noticed this in the past, cook your chicken for less time. Do not try to add more liquid to make up for this – that will lead to a bitter, thin sauce.