5 great ways to use chicken sausages


Chicken sausages are a delicious and versatile alternative to traditional pork sausages. They’re lower in fat, very tasty, and a great way to mix up weekday meals. Don’t take our word for it – try them yourself! Here we explore five great ways to cook with chicken sausages.

1.     Chicken sausage casserole: This traditional winter-warmer is given a new lease of life when you replace pork sausages with a chicken alternative. Take any of your favourite casserole recipes and replace pork sausages with chicken to try something new.

2.     Chicken meatballs: Spaghetti and meatballs is another family favourite – why not replace beef meatballs with handmade chicken ones? Simply follow any good recipe for making beef meatballs, but substitute the mince or pork sausage meat for chicken.

3.     Chicken sausage pitta pockets: For a versatile lunch or light dinner, simply grill chicken sausages, slice, place inside a toasted pitta bread and add toppings/salad ingredients of your choice. We think they taste great with avocado and salad leaves or hummus.

4.     A chicken take on bangers and mash: The most well-loved sausage dish of all time – bangers and mash – but with a twist. Simply swap pork sausages for chicken and serve with creamy mash and yummy gravy.

5.     A healthy fry-up: Everyone loves a full English, but if you’re trying to cut down on fat, why not substitute pork sausages for chicken? Pair with wholegrain toast, reduced salt-and-sugar beans, some greens (wilted spinach goes well) and sautéed mushrooms.