Sutton Hoo Chicken saltimbocca, parmesan arancini, globe artichoke, Aspall cider sauce


This Italian inspired chicken recipe was created by Mauli, Head Chef from The Turks Head in Hasketon; voted 'Suffolk's Best Pub' for the second year running. In Italian 'Saltimbocca' means 'Jumps in the mouth' which could not be more fitting for this delicious, impressive and classy dish.

Serves 4


4 Sutton Hoo Chicken breasts

Slice Parma ham- 8 slices

Sage - half bunch

4 Chopped banana shallots 

Double cream – 200ml

Olive oil - 2tbs

Aspall cider -1/2 pint

Chop tarragon - 1sprig

Malden sea salt & cracked black pepper to taste

Bunch of Asparagus, washed and ends cut off


Prepare chicken by slicing it thinly and layering it with sage leaves and Parma ham

For cider sauce – sauté the shallots in veg oil and then add cider reduce it to half, add double cream and reduce it until half the volume, finish it with chopped tarragon and seasoning.

To assemble the dish

Pan fry the chicken in a hot pan with parm ham side down first for 4-5 mins to get crispy ham topping and another 2mins on the other side over a gentle heat, if needed finish cooking the chicken in the oven. Finish it with cider sauce. decorate the plate with fried sage leaves and serve with seasonal vegetables .

Ellie Collins