Sutton Hoo Chicken: The Slower Grown Chicken


Sutton Hoo Chicken is the evidence of a small farming family’s pure determination and hard work to continue their lifelong dream of producing free-range chicken, the traditional way. To mark over 20 years of successful business, Sutton Hoo Chicken is delighted to announce the launch of their rebranding and ‘new look’ packaging. The new logo, which will be rolled out across all their entire product range, aims to broaden the appeal of slowly grown free-range chicken. Sutton Hoo Chicken hopes that the change in branding will invite more people who love the taste of chicken, to rediscover chickens just as they used to taste, with their wonderful texture and truly delicious flavour.  

Belinda Nash, co-founder of the business, ensures that all her chickens are nurtured with great care and fed an additive free diet, with no harmful antibiotics or drugs of any kind. The chickens are free to roam in the field with constant access to the outdoors, plenty of sunshine, fresh vegetation and room to exercise. Each bird is grown to maturity slower for up to 12 weeks, giving Sutton Hoo Chicken its succulent flavour, beautiful texture and irresistibly crispy skin. Belinda and her business partner Will, firmly believe that the true taste of Chicken is something to be enjoyed, savoured and to be eaten on any occasion.  We strongly feel that 'free range' is a term that has become devalued over the years, with minimal standards. We are proud that we have always stuck to our original ethos of high welfare and truly free range, which we started 24 years ago.

Abi Fawcus