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Lovingly reared slow grown chickens.

Sutton Hoo chickens are lovingly reared in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, across 40 acres of meadows. We rear our chicken slowly, to the highest welfare standards and use traditional free range farming methods, to give you a chicken like it used to taste.

  • We believe that a slower grown, naturally maturing chicken develops a fuller and more succulent flavour.  

  • We use a slower growing breed of chicken, reared on average for 10 weeks. This is 25% longer than standard free range chickens
    and 70% longer than standard indoor chickens.

  • Our free range chickens offers customers better flavour, better texture and less shrinkage during cooking.

  • The birds roam freely over 40 acres of Suffolk meadows, where they are free to peck, graze and engage in their natural behaviours.

  • We focus on high welfare; the birds live in small groups with shelter from the elements, in mobile houses that have no artificial
    lighting and are naturally ventilated.

  • Our chickens are fed an additive free diet with NO antibiotics or hormones.

If you are interested in purchasing Sutton Hoo Chicken, please email or call the office on 01394 386797 to request more information and a sample box of Sutton Hoo Chicken.